All FAQ's for Shippers

Saloodo! is your digital logistics solution for fast and reliable transport of your valuable goods to your customers. With Saloodo!, you get suitable offers from carriers verified according to the DHL’s Code of Conduct and live transport updates from pick-up to delivery. We simplify your daily tasks through a single and intuitive interface for shipment tracking, digital documentation and payment. We are currently present in GCC and expanding soon throughout Africa.
We are currently present in GCC and expanding soon throughout Africa.
  1. Register for free and use your account from any type of device (mobile phone, tablet or laptop), anytime and anywhere.
  2. Optimize your everyday workflow by inviting your coworkers to set up their accounts for free and work together with you.
  3. Post transport requests only within a couple of minutes.
  4. Get instant access to a growing network of verified carriers.
  5. Select from a variety of offers depending on the requested dates, routes and transport preferences.
  6. Download documents for all your completed orders directly form your dashboard.
  7. Get real-time status updates from pick-up to delivery.
  8. Get live-chat support and customer-service assistance during business hours.
  9. Enjoy peace of mind with Saloodo! as your contract partner.
  1. Click on ”Register your Company” .
  2. Complete the Saloodo! registration form by entering your company name, personal details and the VAT ID. Important: The VAT ID is optional to register but mandatory to post requests, get offers and view transport orders.
  3. Click on the confirmation link you received by email to create a password and login to access your new account.

Saloodo! is available only for B2B companies with a valid VAT ID and registered with a company address.

Saloodo! is part of the DHL group, so your contracting partner will be DHL Global Forwarding Abu Dhabi LLC offering you peace of mind – we take responsibility for the security of your shipment, from pick-up to delivery. For this reason, we coordinate all the transport details with the carrier you selected on the platform and ensure the transport will be delivered in a timely manner at the provided location and agreed cost.

Saloodo! is free to use. You can create and use your account without having to worry about any hidden fees or monthly costs. You can also access your account from any type of device.

  1. Post your transport request
    Login with your email and password.
    Once you are logged in on your dashboard, click on the ”Add New Shipment” button. Enter the number of units and the type of packaging. Describe and select units by quantity, item type (pallet, box, barrel, roll, full box-trailer, full curtainsider, other), weight and the type of goods (dangerous or non-dangerous goods). E.g. 5 pallets 120x80x150cm 100kg/pallet.
    Simply click on the ”Add Item” button if you want to add more items to your existing transport request. It helps if you describe the items as accurate as possible. This will help you prevent transport delays and get competitive prices.
  2. Enter the pick-up and delivery locations
    Add the location, date and time of when you would like to arrange the pick-up and delivery of your shipment. When setting the route, you can choose the location type. If you have previously posted other requests, you will be able to use the ”My recent addresses” function. This means you don’t need to reinsert the same addresses for recurring requests.
  3. Post your transport request to see all prices
    Once you have provided all the necessary details, you may get an estimated price calculated depending on the transport characteristics provided by you, availability of trucks and last-booked rates paid for standard tilt/taut trailers. This price is a non-binding estimation for you to compare all the prices you will receive from the carriers active on the platform.
    Alternatively, after you clicked on the ”See Prices” button, you will get directly redirected to your dashboard, where a list of current offers will be displayed for your transport request.
  4. Choose an offer
    Below ”Offers”, you will be able to see how many offers you got for your transport request, from which carriers, for which dates and for what price (incl. VAT). Based on this criteria, you can select an offer with your preferred carrier by clicking on the ”Book Now” button.
  5. Next steps
    Proceed to payment and pay securely with Saloodo! as your contract partner. Select from our payment methods.
    Finalize the transport order by providing the details of the contact persons at the pick-up and the delivery locations.
    Note: Not providing contact details after paying for the transport order may result in transport delays which in turn could result in surcharges, so please make sure to add the correct and complete contact details of the persons present at the pick-up and the delivery locations.
You can ship anything that may extend over a whole truck, individual pallets, barrels, boxes, handling units or a mix of everything mentioned. However, your shipment must be packaged according to the requirements for load securing and conveying capacity. Loose parts or unsecured goods may be rejected by the driver, while some goods may be excluded due to their dangerous nature. Note: Please read our Terms and Conditions to get more information on what types of goods you are allowed to transport and under what kind of circumstances.

Some examples are:

  • Weight min/max: 31,5 kg/24.000 kg – Secure and clearly marked packaging is necessary.
  • Fit for the purpose of transportation and handling, safe from unauthorized access (no undetected access to goods must be possible)
  • Pallets must be stacked flush on top of each other
  • The goods must be able to be moved by one person safely without damage.

In case of valuable or theft-sensitive goods, you must inform Saloodo! of the specific transport request depending on the type and value of the goods and the current risks involved. This will enable us to assess whether or not to provide a price and take appropriate measures for the safe and damage-free completion of the transport. Valuable goods are classified as those that, at the time and place of taking over, have an actual value of at least AED 50 per kg or AED 10,000 per packed item or per shipment. For insurance details or more information, please contact our team at turkey@saloodo.com

Saloodo! drives the digital evolution of the road freight industry. We simplify your daily processes by helping you switch from offline processes (difficulty in comparing prices, lengthy phone calls, delayed transport updates) to automated processes (network of verified carriers, transparent offers based on your transport details and real-time track & trace functionalities) and DHL Global Forwarding Abu Dhabi LLC will be your contracting party offering you peace of mind.

You may receive an instant offer that matches perfectly with your transport request depending on the nature of goods, routes as well as the pick-up and delivery time and dates. You will continue to receive transport offers over a period of 60minutes, so you have plenty of time to select the most suitable offer for your shipment.

You should take into consideration the suggested price, if the timelines can be met and if the necessary equipment can be arranged for the carrier to complete the order at the expected time. In the end, you are free to decide which of the carriers proposing offers for your transport request will get the transport order.

Give a full description of your goods, correct dates and accurate pick-up and delivery addresses. Post your request at least a few days before the shipment needs to be picked-up. By doing that, the carriers will have more time to plan their routes and check their truck capacities. This way, you will also increase your chances of getting more transport offers.

Note: We will use reasonable efforts to keep the time windows requested, however best is to ensure that the pick-up and delivery sites operate normally during the times selected by you.

You can see an overview of all the completed shipments and transport documents in the ”Archive” section, on your dashboard. This happens when the transport documents have been already checked and your shipment has been transported.
Saloodo! verifies carriers according to DHL’s Supplier Code of Conduct to ensure a safe and reliable transport process. Every carrier who submits an offer for request will be able to do so only if he has been verified and thus, passed the same quality check needed for all the transport companies using the platform.
No, you cannot make any changes if the transport request has been already posted. You do not have to choose any of the offers proposed for the request, so you can always post the same transport request again, with the new changes.

The cost will change only under the following circumstances:

  • Changes in the pick-up and/or delivery adresses
  • Charges for waiting time or other services requested
  • Major changes in the shipment details (weight, volume, number of pallets, etc)
It is your responsibility to issue the bill of lading.
  1. Click on the ”Login” button in the upper right corner of the Saloodo! homepage.
  2. Next step is to click on ”Reset Password” and enter the email address with which you have registered on Saloodo!.
  3. After this, you should click on the ”Send Link” button. Make sure to check both your inbox and spam folders, as you will receive an email with a new link to reset your password.

    Note: Please make sure to check your inbox and spam folder, as we will send an email to the registered address with a new link to reset your password.

Saloodo! takes the necessary technical security measures to protect your personal data from being lost and/or misused. Your data is stored in a secure operating environment which is not made available to the public. In certain cases, your personal data is encrypted by Secure Socket Layer technology (SSL) during transmission. This means that an approved encryption procedure is used for communication between your computer and the Saloodo! servers if your browser supports SSL.

Our team can be contacted Sun-Thu from 09:00 to 17:00 Gulf Standard Time, except for national holidays.

For other enquiries:

  1. Call us at +971 22 016 896
  2.  Email us at turkey@saloodo.com