All FAQ's for Carriers

Saloodo! is your digital logistics solution of choice for optimized truck capacities, transport orders and fast payment. With one single point of contact and contract partner, you get access to a variety of transport requests, real-time transport updates from pick-up to drop-off and access to digital documentation. We simplify your daily business through a single and convinient interface for order tracking, digital documentation and secure payment.
  1. Register for free and use your account from any type of device (mobile phone, tablet or laptop), anytime and anywhere.
  2. Optimize your daily workflow by inviting your coworkers to create their own accounts for free and work together with you.
  3. Get access to thousands of transport requests across different regions.
  4. Set and save your transport routes based on personal preferences and get instant notifications for recently added transport requests.
  5. Assign transport orders directly to your driver and get real-time transport updates through our Saloodo! Driver App.
  6. Guaranteed fast payment once the Proof of Delivery has been checked and approved by the customer.
  7. Saloodo! as your contract partner for operational or administrative matters and single point of contact.
  1. Click on ”Register as a Carrier”.
  2. Complete the Saloodo! registration form with the requested details.
  3. Click on the confirmation link we will send by email to set up a password and login to access your new account.

    Note: Before you submit offers, you need to upload recent company documents in the ”Profile” section on your dashboard, so we can verify your company account and finalize the registration process.

Once you have registered and have a new account, you need to provide the following documents:

  • Trade license & VAT
    Chamber of Commerce Registration
  • Company letterhead with bank details
    Insurance Certificate

    Note: You can upload the documents in different formats (JPG, PDF or PNG). Please make sure to provide recent documents and if required, to re-upload the Insurance Policy before the documents expire. If you have further questions about this, please use our Live Chat or write an email at turkey@saloodo.com.

We ask for company’s documents to be able to verify and validate your Saloodo! account. Providing correct and recent documents avoids delays, as we can check them according to the DHL’s Code of Conduct. Once your documents get verified and approved, you can submit transport offers, view requests on your routes, secure new orders and get paid for your services.

Note: We cannot accept handwritten, expired or otherwise invalid documents.

Your account being under review means that our team is checking the documents provided by you. Once they have been verified, we will send you an email to the address you have registered with on Saloodo!. After this, you should be able to access your Saloodo! account and submit offers on your preffered dates and routes.
  1. First, you need to upload the Proof of Delivery (POD document). This can be done either after you’ve already confirmed the delivery of the shipment or by your driver, trough the Saloodo! Driver App. This is possible because the Driver App enables him to scan and submit the signed Proof of Delivery through the integrated document scanner.
  2. After the POD has been uploaded on the platform, the customer will receive the document immediately for his review. If the customer does not reject or dissaprove a new POD within 24 hours, a self-bill will be automatically released as a result.
  3. Saloodo! will then start the transactional process for your completed transport order so you can receive your payment within agreed terms.

DHL Global Forwarding Abu Dhabi LLC is your contract partner. We always want to ensure trust, security and transparency by improving the communication between you and the customer. We help you get suitable shipments, manage transport orders and benefit from fast and secure payment within 14 days once the Proof of Delivery has been successfully submitted and reviewed for your transport.

There are no fees or monthly costs to use your Saloodo! account. You can use your account from any type of device for free. In addition to that, our Driver App can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store and can be used to assign transport orders to your driver, stay in contact with him from pick-up to drop-off and submit POD documents through the integrated document scanner.

Use the filter function to select in which area you would like to find transport requests. Another option is to select one of the existing requests displayed on your dashboard. If you already found a request that matches your availability, you can enter your offer. By doing so, you suggest the offer price, choose dates and select the time validity of your offer. After you entered the correct details, click on ”Submit binding offer”. Done!

This means that the offer you submitted will be legally binding. As a result, the customer has the legal right to book the offer you proposed within the timeframes given and under the circumstances that you agreed with when you confirmed. If the customer select your offer, you are then obliged to complete and finalize the transport order.

You can search for more transport requests with your area by applying the ”Search” function. This enables you to select details such as pick-up date, min/max loading meters, min/max shipment weight and type of shipment you plan to transport (ADR, non-ADR). Note: Make sure to remove the date filter after you have already found transport requests for the respective time, as you will no longer get notifications on that route once the select date has already passed.

Yes. In such cases, please contact our team at turkey@saloodo.com.

Saloodo! drives the digital evolution of the road freight industry. We simplify your daily processes by helping you switch from offline processes (paper-based transactions, lengthy rate negotiations, delayed payment) to automated processes (access to multiple requests at once, digital documentation, live track & trace).

You can cancel an offer only if it was not already selected by the customer. To cancel an offer submitted for a transport request you no longer want, simply click on the ”Cancel Offer” button.

A transport order means your offer has been already booked and payed by the shipper, allowing you to organize what it’s needed to transport the shipment and complete the delivery.

Your offer is shown as a pre-tax gross price, so please make sure to enter all costs except for the VAT.

Yes. With Saloodo!, you can add more user accounts – this can be done by the company administrator, the person who has uploaded documents and registered the company with Saloodo!. If you are the company administrator, you should access the ”Company” section. Once you are on the Company page, enter the email adresses of your coworkers and click on the ”Invite” button. This way, your coworkers can set their passwords directly, as they don’t need to go through the registration process again.

The shipper (customer) gets notified at your every transport milestone. For instance when you assign a driver, confirm pick-up & drop-off times and when you upload the Proof of Delivery document.

Note: The driver can also update the milestones directly in the Driver App and submit the signed Proof of Delivery through the integrated document scanner. In case of delayed times or damaged goods, please contact our carrier management team at turkey@saloodo.com.

The self-bill invoice will be automatically generated once the Proof of Delivery has been reviewed by the customer. If you wish to find additional documents for past, (completed) transport orders, click on ”Archived Orders”.

The Saloodo! Driver App is a mobile application developed by our teams to optimize the communication between you and your drivers.

  • Register and log in
    You can find our Driver App in the Google Play Store.
  • Simply download the app for free and set up an account with your phone number and a password to log in. In the app, you will get an overview of all the assignments. The app is available in 13 languages, so you can always select the language you or your driver wants to use directly in the ”Profile settings”.

    Note: The app is currenly only available for Android users. Should this change in the near future, we will announce it in our newsletter – so make sure to subscribe and stay updated.
In the app, your driver can report directly the pick-up & drop-off locations. If there is a delay caused by traffic congestions or any other reason, your driver can also report it and update the actual arrival time. Should there be any other interferences, you or the driver can report them directly in the app, by clicking on ”Report a problem”. The problem is then reported and displayed to you and the customer during the transport status of the order, on the Saloodo! dashboard.
You get access to a list of all available requests on the platform. Your driver can also share the link in external appplications such as Whatsapp, Slack, Messenger or Gmail and add the request to their ”Favorite list”.
You or your driver can also add multiple vehicles depending on which one is going to be used for the transport on a specific date. Having more vehicles will help you get better suggestions based on the type of shipment you can transport.
  • No additional costs, as you get to download and use the app for free.
  • Multiple languages to select from, including: English, Arabic, Hindi & Urdu and many more.
  • You can add multiple vehicles and get shipments suggestions based on the measurements of your trucks.
    Easy to keep track of important information.
  • Never miss any live transport updates, as we send in-app notifications every time a new order has been assigned to you.
    Report arrival times for both pick-up & drop-off locations, avoiding misscommunications or delays.
  • The possibility to report any problems during the transport right away.
  • Use external applications to send transport details to the person you want to share the request with.
  • Set routes or add recurrent routes – based on this, the app suggests shipments that match your routes.
  • Save time and fuel costs by knowing beforehand about all the free parking places within your radius.
  • Filter parking places depending on specific needs (internet access, fuel stations, showers, truck was services, etc).
Saloodo! takes the necessary technical security measures to protect your personal data from being lost and/or misused. Your data is stored in a secure operating environment which is not made available to the public. In certain cases, your personal data is encrypted by Secure Socket Layer technology (SSL) during transmission. This means that an approved encryption procedure is used for communication between your computer and the Saloodo! servers if your browser supports SSL.
  1. Click on the ”Login” button in the upper right corner of the Saloodo! homepage.
  2. Next step is to click on ”Reset Password” and enter the email address with which you have registered on Saloodo!.
  3. After this, you should click on the ”Send Link” button. Make sure to check both your inbox and spam folders, as you will receive an email with a new link to reset your password.

Our team can be contacted Sun-Thu, from 09:00 to 17:00 (except for national holidays).
For other inquiries:

  1. Call us at +971 22016 896
  2. Email us at turkey@saloodo.com